Monday, April 27, 2009

Off to the Races

Cade ran in his first race this past Friday! It was called the Fun Run- it was part of the Borgess- Run for the Health of it- run. It was a mile long and he ran the whole way- with Scott of course! He kept telling Scott, "this is a long race, daddy"! We were so proud of him! At the end, they gave him a ribbon that said- "I'm a winner" so naturally Cade said, "Daddy, I won the race!" Then on Saturday, Scott and my sister did the 5K race only Scott pushed the boys in the double jogger and ran fast!

Brynn and JJ saved the day by meeting us at the race with my camera that I forgot! Thanks Brynncess!


Tiffany and Jamie Laynie was an angel all morning as usual!

Scott and the boys at the end! Check out Colt's hair!
Jamie and Laynie after the race!

The boys decided to have some post race fun running around- and I had fun taking some pics! The signs Cade made to cheer on Daddy, Aunt Jamie and all the other runners!

So proud of Daddy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Oh my gosh. It's been a while since I last posted, but hear me out.
Here is a timeline of our last month and a half-
Feb. 18- Laynie graces us with her presence!
Feb. 23- Scott leaves for training in Wisconsin for 5 days! My mom stays with us- thank you mom and thank goodness!
Feb. 23-Feb 28- Pack up all week to move on Saturday! Thanks to the many people that helped us! (If you need a packing whiz- hire my sis- she's the best!)
Feb. 28- Pack up the truck at 11 and moved all our stuff to a storage unit and some to my parent's house
March 1- Come back to Ann Arbor to clean our place so that our new tenant can move in!
March 1-April 4- Stay at my parent's house until our new place that we are renting is ready! Thank you to my parents again for letting us stay there! They were amazing!
April 4- Move into our new place. Ahhhhh. (sigh of relief that we made it through another month of total craziness)
April 4- present- unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, cleaning, letting my kids watch too much tv, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, some feeding the baby in there, kids running around like crazy men, unpacking, still unpacking....

New baby, New town, New job, New house- too many all at the same time!

Laynie is already two months though! I can't believe it! Here are some pics from our last month and a half of total craziness!
Here are the boys in our empty cupboards! SAD!

My fave boots that I bought for Laynie!

We took a mini vacation one of the weekends we were staying at my parents! It was so fun- we went to the indoor waterpark- KALAHARI- it was a blast- we went with our good friends, the Pachecos!
Daddy and boys having fun in the arcade area of the waterpark! Sadly, we didn't take that many pics of the weekend!
Cade trying to put his arm around his buddy Ez at the arcade!
Colt loves to lay down with his sis whenever he can!

Papa giving Cade a ride in his wheelbarrow! The best part about moving is that we are so close to Nana and Papa! Cade would certainly agree!

Love to dress her up!

The boys are always wanting to hold her but I hardly ever get a picture!

I could have never survived all of this craziness without my sis and mom- they are awesome! Thanks again, gals!