Friday, December 17, 2010

Bed time

Bed time is quite the chore at our house. No one ever seems to want to go to bed, and if they do it's because you are laying next to them or you have left them screaming and they have fallen asleep from exhaustion. Tonight was no exception.
This is how it went.

Cade is whining for both Scott and I to stay and lay with him. Colt is too. Finally Scott and I get out without anyone on our leg.

I go into my bedroom and get ready for bed myself- long day. I come back out and stand in the room next to theirs (Scott's office) to hear this conversation:

Colt: screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Cade: "She's not going to come in, Colton, just go to bed!"
Colt: "But I want Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!"
Cade: "Please just go to bed, Colton. Anyway, Mommy is always with you. She is
always in your heart."
Colt: "What?"
Cade: "She's in your heart.
Colt: "No she's not.
Cade: "Yes she is."
Colt: "No, she's not."
Cade: getting upset- "Yes she is!"
Colt: "She's where? She's not in my tummy!" laughing now
Cade: "Uhhhhh! Yes she is. She is always with you in your heart. Just go to bed!"

a few minutes later...
Colt is banging something on the wall-
Cade: "Colton, stop banging on the wall! We don't own this house!
Colt: still banging- "What?"
Cade: "We don't own this house! You are going to wreck the walls, and we don't own this house!"
Me listening and in my head thinking- someone gets it!
Colt: "Who owns it then?"
Cade: "Some other people!"

another minute later...

Colt: screaming- "Daddy! Daddy! Where's daddy?!"
Cade: "He's doin' his work."
Colt: "What?"
Cade: "He's doin' his work. He's working!"
Colt: "Oh, ok. Well, then where's Mommy?!"
Cade: "Just go to bed!"

Daddy... work much....nah....

10 minutes later they are both asleep.

Tonight the torture was worth it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Pics

My kids were obsessed with Halloween this year! Not to mention we love the fall with all the fun things to do!
Our Toy Story 3 Family- Can you guess who Scott and I are? (Atleast doing our best impersonations...I was not about to get into a one piece teal leotard)
My computer wasn't letting me move these pics down with the other Halloween pics for some reason so scroll down to see more!

Apple picking! Colt's in a tree!

Nana and Laynie at Cade's fun run for school
Cade's a runnin'!

Cade played flag football again this fall and loved it! He improved every game and his team made it to the championship and lost in OT! Cade is very proud of the fact that he pulled 3 flags that day including one in OT!
Laynie- below- at the country fair- Wiard's orchard looking at the animals- only included this pic cause I think she's so dang cute... sorry...
Colt played soccer this fall and became quite the lil player. He looked forward to it every Saturday and even scored his first goal!

Field trip to the cider mill and farm for Colt's preschool class

To the pumpkin patch we go!

Carving the pumpkins!

They do own other shirts, but wanted to wear these almost everyday! We got our wear out of 'em that's for sure!
Colt at his preschool party
Laynie being silly and dressing up

Cade in his school's parade

Halloween morning
The crew Halloween night set to go trick or treating!

Lovin' all the candy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Colt!

Colt turned 3 today!
Yesterday we had a little birthday party for him with family and friends!
This is Colt with his new bike from Nana and Papa!
Everything was "Toy Story" for this birthday!
He is obsessed with Buzz!

Hitting his Buzz pinata!
Going after the candy! (oops finger got in the way!)Colt was all smiles having the attention on him!
He picked out this monstrous cookie cake!Waking him up this morning with birthday cake!
Every one in our family loves birthdays because they know they'll get to have cake for breakfast no matter if it's their birthday or not!
Loving opening his presents!


- Loves being able to be a big boy now and go to preschool!

- Is a great big brother that goes out of his way to be sweet to his little sis!

-Some fave phrases right now: "Mommy/Daddy I have someting important to tell you/Someting that will make you happy- I love you" ahhhh- melt your heart.

-Is growing like a weed- feel like he might surpass Cade- he's just a solid kid!

-Has such a fun, laid back personality and can just take life as it is- think this comes from being the second born...

-Loves waffles- would eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner if you let him!

-Loves to paint- anytime he gets the chance- that's what he wants to do!

Happy Birthday, Colt- we love you!

P.S. It has been officially 3 years since this blog began! Crazy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lots of Catching Up! South Haven Trip with my family, Cade playing T-ball, Our crazy life...

Pictures tell a million words so here you go. Amazing time in South Haven at Lake Michigan with my family. The kids had a blast playing in the waves!

Nap time!

Poor Colt was so worn out he just conked out...

A little frisbee action...

Playing bean bags (corn hole) every night...

Yes, that's beautiful and sweet nana...
Laynie is obsessed with her "B" aka binkie so we all took one of her many for a photo shoot.

First documented "time out" for the Layniebug- she is a sassy one that girl...

The boys literally can't get enough of her- most times they fight over who will fetch her "B" or a diaper for her or her sippy cup or who can hold her on their lap- she is one spoiled chick...
Kids got crazy with the ice cream one night and they thought it was just hilarious...

They love it when I crank up the country music and we all start dancin' in our boots... a regular thing at our house

Cade played T-ball this year and had so much fun with Daddy as his coach.
Colt was an honorary member of the team of course- although you would have thought he was on the team with the way he ran after the ball.
All wrapped up after a day in the pool...
Brotherly love...
Our family... most days crazy, all days crazy in love with it...
Wow. I know. I'm so bad! It has been so incredibly busy around here that I'm just trying to stay afloat!