Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday to Cade!

Of course we woke up Cade with birthday cake!We played a little fun game where Cade had to match a picture with all of his birthdays thus far- he loved it!
We got the boys both new Michigan shirts!This was his 2nd cake of the day after going to Chucky Cheese for some fun!

This was at Cade's birthday party- a Superhero party! With his friend, Sidney!

My dad and me
We had to take advantage of the photo ops! My sis, mom and me
Moving the party inside since it started to rain and trying to think of something fun to do!

Cade loved all his presents!
All the cute kiddos!

What a SUPER couple!

This is a game we play- we both make this face and the first person to start laughing loses!
Cade is an absolute joy. Some things about Cade at 5:
- He is passionate about everything! That means the good, the bad and everything in between!
- He is an amazing big brother. He helps me out daily and loves to get Laynie up in the morning and get her out of her crib (really not sure how...)
- He loves to learn. He always is asking questions about anything and everything and still has a love for books, coloring, and exploring.
- He can be a bit sneaky these days. Especially with candy. Wonder where he gets that?
- He loves to go places and see things- doesn't mind road trips!
- He is getting very interested in creating and maintaining friendships. He absolutely loves having friends over!
- He still says things that will just melt your heart. Just today- "Mommy, I need to tell you something really important- I love you."
We can't believe how big our 1st baby is!
We love you, buddy!
I'm slowly catching up!