Friday, December 17, 2010

Bed time

Bed time is quite the chore at our house. No one ever seems to want to go to bed, and if they do it's because you are laying next to them or you have left them screaming and they have fallen asleep from exhaustion. Tonight was no exception.
This is how it went.

Cade is whining for both Scott and I to stay and lay with him. Colt is too. Finally Scott and I get out without anyone on our leg.

I go into my bedroom and get ready for bed myself- long day. I come back out and stand in the room next to theirs (Scott's office) to hear this conversation:

Colt: screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Cade: "She's not going to come in, Colton, just go to bed!"
Colt: "But I want Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!"
Cade: "Please just go to bed, Colton. Anyway, Mommy is always with you. She is
always in your heart."
Colt: "What?"
Cade: "She's in your heart.
Colt: "No she's not.
Cade: "Yes she is."
Colt: "No, she's not."
Cade: getting upset- "Yes she is!"
Colt: "She's where? She's not in my tummy!" laughing now
Cade: "Uhhhhh! Yes she is. She is always with you in your heart. Just go to bed!"

a few minutes later...
Colt is banging something on the wall-
Cade: "Colton, stop banging on the wall! We don't own this house!
Colt: still banging- "What?"
Cade: "We don't own this house! You are going to wreck the walls, and we don't own this house!"
Me listening and in my head thinking- someone gets it!
Colt: "Who owns it then?"
Cade: "Some other people!"

another minute later...

Colt: screaming- "Daddy! Daddy! Where's daddy?!"
Cade: "He's doin' his work."
Colt: "What?"
Cade: "He's doin' his work. He's working!"
Colt: "Oh, ok. Well, then where's Mommy?!"
Cade: "Just go to bed!"

Daddy... work much....nah....

10 minutes later they are both asleep.

Tonight the torture was worth it.