Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Cade!

Our first baby is 4 today! We cannot believe it! We celebrated by having a birthday party for him over the weekend -Dinosaur theme- Cade loves them, and today we woke him up with cake and presents. We took him out for some one on one time to do something special and he wanted to go to Chuck-e-Cheese so that is what we did. He loves playing skee-ball!

Cade at the age of 4:
Loves dinosaurs, spooky stories, playing baseball with daddy, doing projects, telling knock-knock jokes, racing to anything and everything, his baby sister (and brother), swimming with his cube, jumping off things, and most of all- CANDY- which is totally my fault- I love it too.

Cade dislikes losing, playing freeze tag where he gets tagged out, hitting a foul ball, getting caught by sharks when playing sharks and minnows at any sports camp he's been at this summer, did I mention he doesn't like losing?- we are working on this... any suggestions are greatly appreciated...

Cade truly has a zest for life like I've never seen- he wakes up every morning with a "Is is morning time yet?" and it is so hard to get him to sleep at night! He cracks you up with the things he says, for instance trying to get him to bed tonight- I can hear him in his room while I am in mine- "But mom, I'm hungry still, can't I just have a bednight snack." few seconds later, "mom, I'll eat some green beans, mom, please!" "I'm tired of this!" "I am hungry!" "I want some broccoli, okay!" "I'm frustrated!" "I'm just soooo mad!" "Mommy, how 'bout some string cheese!"

Happy 4th Cade! Opening presents

His birthday cake breakfast, a tradition in our family
Having fun at his party Blowing out his candles Pinata time! The bounce house was a gift from his Nana, Papa, Grandpa K and Aunt Jamie! The cakes I made for his birthday party

If I'm Good

As we were driving today, I told Cade that someday daddy will buy me one of those (pointed to a jeep wrangler- my fave), and I added, "if I'm good." Cade said that in order to be good and get the car with the big tire on the back that let's you ride out in the air I needed to follow the criteria of being good:

A. Don't step on wood- you'll get a sliver.
B. Don't touch sharp things.
C. Don't run away.
D. You should be nice to people.
E. Don't hit people.
And lastly,
F. Don't get close to a crab- it will snap at you.

I'm going to try my best, but I think A and F will be the hardest to follow.

Love this brown eyed beauty