Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Pics

My kids were obsessed with Halloween this year! Not to mention we love the fall with all the fun things to do!
Our Toy Story 3 Family- Can you guess who Scott and I are? (Atleast doing our best impersonations...I was not about to get into a one piece teal leotard)
My computer wasn't letting me move these pics down with the other Halloween pics for some reason so scroll down to see more!

Apple picking! Colt's in a tree!

Nana and Laynie at Cade's fun run for school
Cade's a runnin'!

Cade played flag football again this fall and loved it! He improved every game and his team made it to the championship and lost in OT! Cade is very proud of the fact that he pulled 3 flags that day including one in OT!
Laynie- below- at the country fair- Wiard's orchard looking at the animals- only included this pic cause I think she's so dang cute... sorry...
Colt played soccer this fall and became quite the lil player. He looked forward to it every Saturday and even scored his first goal!

Field trip to the cider mill and farm for Colt's preschool class

To the pumpkin patch we go!

Carving the pumpkins!

They do own other shirts, but wanted to wear these almost everyday! We got our wear out of 'em that's for sure!
Colt at his preschool party
Laynie being silly and dressing up

Cade in his school's parade

Halloween morning
The crew Halloween night set to go trick or treating!

Lovin' all the candy!