Monday, January 21, 2008

The antics of Cade Tousa...

Cade has become quite the character. What am I saying, he has always been quite the character, but lately he has said some hilarious things. As some of you know, he is a chatterbox, and some of the things he has said keeps us rolling on the floor or ends up melting your heart.

Here are some the things Cade has been saying lately:

"I need a sandwich, mommy." ( Why is this funny? Because he has been saying this every night for the last two weeks before we leave his room when he has to go to bed. Too bad I fell for it the first two times! Didn't want to send him to bed hungry, but then it became evident that it was a clever excuse. )

Today at Jungle Java:
"Be careful, mommy." (He said this as I climbed through the tunnels and went down the slides with him at the indoor playground. )
"Hi, my name is Cade Christian Tousa. What's your name?"(my lil friendly toddler said this to every kid he saw bless his heart. Most kids were nice enough to respond, to which then Cade would say, "Hi ____." It was too cute.)

A day ago:
"That's not an option, mommy." Repeat. Again. (He said this about me saying no to him eating fruit snacks for dinner and going to eat dinner at our friend's house. I about laughed out loud! This is something Scott and I say frequently to him!)

Last time he did a prayer on his own without me telling him what to say:
"Thank you for daddy work hard," "Please daddy get home safe" (I almost started to chuckle! This is what I say when Scott is not home at night to say prayers with us before bed. It was especially funny because Scott was standing next to him!)

Every morning:
"Is it morning time, mommy?" ( He hates to sleep, so he ends up asking this all the time, because he knows morning time is when you wake up and you don't have to sleep!)

All the time:
"No, don't say no, Mommy/Daddy!"( He literally says this every time we say no about something he wants to do really bad. He says it with such passion!)

Here are a few new pics:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

That serious look...

I was looking through my new pics of Colton, when I thought I'd do a little comparison to Cade's pics at his age- wow! Here's what I came up with- what do you think? I think they look a lot alike! They both can get this serious look on their face that's hilarious!

A little update- Colton just started grabbing for things- so cute! Just yesterday, he started doing this! Cade has started saying some hilarious things- of course, things he has overheard us say- like- when I say- "Cade, you're my lil sweetheart", and he says, "No, mommy, I'm your bugaboo." He also thanks me for making dinner every night. Today, he told Scott that he's his best buddy. Too cute. And he has officially coined the phrase, " just for a little minute, mommy/daddy", which he says about anything he wants to do longer.