Monday, March 8, 2010

Bring on the Sunshine

Even though this is what my walk came to today with the kids, it was still worth it. (That is Cade's bike and Colt's scooter on top of Laynie's car. Threw them all in there when nobody wanted to continue riding their respective bikes!) It was even more interesting crossing the road! Had Laynie and Colt in my arms and pushed this- plus Cade hanging onto my jeans!
All worth it if it will continue to be nice outside! LOVE SPRING! Bring it on!

Bye Bye Yucky Sugar Cleanse

Okay so you got me. I totally didn't finish the sugar cleanse. It was so hard! But, I made it through 7 days. That was an accomplishment to me! I did learn a few things from this:
1. Restrictive diets are not for me.
2. Sugar can make a girl happy.
3. Moderation in everything is the way to go.
4. You can pretty much do anything you make up your mind to do- AND- you can pretty much talk yourself out of anything!