Sunday, March 30, 2008

Like mother like son

Cade has been so honest lately. It's so cute. I'd like to think that it's genetics, but it's probably not. The reason I say that is that when I was growing up, my family used to tell me I would be a nun when I grew up because I couldn't tell a lie.

It all started with a little lie I told in preschool to my teacher. She asked if I had any brothers or sisters, and since the boy sitting next to me said he had a brother, I wanted one too. So, I told my teacher I had one sister (the truth) and a brother (a lie) but that he had died by getting hit by a car! I knew I couldn't verify that I had a real brother so I guess him dying was a cover up! Ha! Well, when I was in first grade I was learning about telling the truth at a church service one day. I could not stop thinking about that lie I told. I ended up crying to my mom that same night and told her about the lie I told. She said it was okay, but I was insistent on her calling the teacher to tell her what I did! She said she would. That eased my liar's remorse, and I started only telling the truth from then on out.

Fast forward to present day. I got home from grocery shopping at Sam's Club yesterday, and I had gotten a scrumptious pop there. I sat it on the table when I came in, and went back out to get the rest of the groceries out of the car. When I came back in, Cade was standing on a chair at the table- I thought nothing of it, until he said (with the cutest little smirk on his face) "Mommy, I took a sip of your pop." I said, "oh you did, that's okay just ask me next time." "OK mommy, I will" LONG PAUSE... "Mommy, I took TWO sips." I was chuckling at that point. Then he wanted another sip, of course (pop is a big treat!) Then later that day, he was playing with his friend Hunter, and I heard Hunter kind of crying, and I said to everyone else in the room, "Did Cade just take something away from him?" Then Cade blurted out, "No, I just pushed him." Gotta appreciate the kid's honesty, right? These are just a few recent examples, but since this has been a pattern, I think we might have an Honest Cade on our hands.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad/Jerry/Gramps and Happy Belated Birthday Mom/Mary Lynn/Nana!!

Today is our beloved Dad/Jerry/Gramps' Birthday! We hope you know how much we love you! You are a wonderful example in so many ways- thank you for all you do and who you are!One day, Scott walked into our house with a gentleman that he worked with that resembled Gramps in only a way that Cade would recognize because Cade said "Hey Gramps!" when they came through the door! It was so cute! So even though you are hundreds of miles away, Cade knows exactly who you are and thinks of you often! As do all of us!

Unfortunately, I messed up and didn't do a post on Mom/Mary Lynn/Nana's Birthday which was February 17th! I am so sorry! We hope you know how much we love you, and how much you mean to us! You only get more beautiful with time! Thank you for being such an amazing mother and grandmother!

We love you both and hope you can make it out to Michigan soon to visit!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter pics

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Since I'm such a procrastinator, here are finally some pics- and finally a new post!

We headed to Kalamazoo to spend Easter with my family- we had a great time, and of course, Cade was spoiled!

Happy 6th month b-day Colton!

Today Colton is six months old! I can't believe it! I wanted to make sure I wrote something about him since I have been bad about documenting stuff in his baby book! Sad I know! He is a little peanut- that's exactly what they called him at the doctor's office today- he is very small for his age! A lot smaller than Cade was at his age!

Here are some things about Colton right now:
-He has an auburn tone to his hair! Going to be a red head? Hmmm.
-He adores his big bro and watches him in awe! But don't let that innocent face fool you-
he starts to screech loudly when Cade pulls a little too hard on him! Which leads me to...
-He has this high-pitched screech that he does constantly to get your attention- doesn't
matter if he's tired, hungry, bored or whatever- he WILL get your attention!
-He is sitting up by himself! But you need to be nearby cause he's still mastering this!
-He smiles ALL THE TIME! He is such a happy guy and so laid back!
-He kicks his legs constantly! Same thing Cade did too! Funny!
-He is a really good sleeper right now! I hope I didn't jinx this!
This is what happens when mommy tells Cade to play with me! He dumps all the bath toys on me!

We love you, Colt!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet Pedro Peabody Tousa

Well, in celebration of Cade being officially potty-trained, we got him a fish! We were in Meijer's one day when he wanted to look at the fish- he loved them, so I told him if he started to go to the bathroom on the big potty, we would get him a fish! He did it! So, he named him Pedro Peabody Tousa. We tried to give him lots of options on the name because he wanted to call him "Purplefish", which would have been okay, but isn't Pedro so much cuter? Celebratory dinner at where else- QDoba! At the pet store with Cade's new fish!

Cade's sticker chart