Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Colt!

Colt turned 3 today!
Yesterday we had a little birthday party for him with family and friends!
This is Colt with his new bike from Nana and Papa!
Everything was "Toy Story" for this birthday!
He is obsessed with Buzz!

Hitting his Buzz pinata!
Going after the candy! (oops finger got in the way!)Colt was all smiles having the attention on him!
He picked out this monstrous cookie cake!Waking him up this morning with birthday cake!
Every one in our family loves birthdays because they know they'll get to have cake for breakfast no matter if it's their birthday or not!
Loving opening his presents!


- Loves being able to be a big boy now and go to preschool!

- Is a great big brother that goes out of his way to be sweet to his little sis!

-Some fave phrases right now: "Mommy/Daddy I have someting important to tell you/Someting that will make you happy- I love you" ahhhh- melt your heart.

-Is growing like a weed- feel like he might surpass Cade- he's just a solid kid!

-Has such a fun, laid back personality and can just take life as it is- think this comes from being the second born...

-Loves waffles- would eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner if you let him!

-Loves to paint- anytime he gets the chance- that's what he wants to do!

Happy Birthday, Colt- we love you!

P.S. It has been officially 3 years since this blog began! Crazy!