Monday, October 26, 2009

For Real?

Some things my children have been saying lately I just had to document:

1. I was trying to put Laynie down for a nap and our front door was open with just the screen/glass door closed and I heard Cade sneak out- I was furious as he knows he is not to go outside without me because we live on a busy road- I ran downstairs and he tried to sneak back in when I said rather loudly, "Cade, you are not to go outside by yourself!" Cade- "Mommy, I was not by myself (shouting back at me), Jesus was with me!" Me- "Cade, you need an adult with you outside!" Cade-"Mommy, Jesus is an adult!" I could not win that argument. Just remember to always shut both doors from now on.

2. After a 10am playdate at a friends then another one at 11am at the park followed by lunch at Q-doba, then waiting 3 HOURS in line to get the H1N1 vaccine, Cade said this eagerly and excitedly on the way out to the parking lot- "Mommy, what are we going to do next?" He was dead serious. I, on the other hand, felt like I had just completed an Ironman with no water. Apparently, he actually was exhausted as he fell asleep at 5:30 on the way home and slept until 6:45am the next day.

3. The same day as we were getting buckled in the car leaving the health department, Cade said, "Mommy, we had such a good day, I didn't throw any tantrums!" To which I replied, "I know Cade, you guys were awesome today, thank you!" This is the kicker- then Cade replied, "But mommy, the day isn't over yet!" "Wow" was all I could think.

4. Colt on the way home the same day, "I run ewands, mommy! No go home!" about 5 times. Translation- I run errands, mommy! Seriously? That did make me crack a smile though.

5. Cade at Target when I was selectively listening as I was trying to hurry through with all three kids- "Mommy, how many times do I have to tell you- I have to go to the bathroom!"

6. Colt when he woke up from his nap the other day, "Mommy, where Punkin bwead?" (pumpkin bread is what Scott calls Laynie)

7. Cade in the car totally out of the blue- just looking out the window, "Daddy, what happens at the end of all the days?" Scott- "We all go to heaven." Cade- "When was the very first day, daddy?" Scott- "A long, long time ago, Cade."

8. At Cade's trike-a-thon for preschool- they asked what he wanted on his face for the face painting- "A michigan M!" he said. I swear I didn't tell him to say that. Although I will not deny that he is brainwashed already. He calls his green pants, his Michigan State pants, and always asks if he's allowed to wear those. Green- fine. Red- well, we don't own any. Coincidence- I'll let you decide.

9. Colt today when he woke up from his nap and I was not there- Scott was working from home- Colt was crying for me, went back to his room, then finally came down ten minutes later to which he told Scott, "My mommy be home soon, daddy."

10. Cade tonight while swimming at my sister's athletic club asked her, "Aunt Jamie, do you go to church?" Aunt Jamie said, "No Cade, not right now." Cade-"Why not?" Aunt Jamie- "You got me, Cade." I asked Cade what made him think of asking that and he just said, "I thought everyone went to church, mommy." Missionary in training?

Cade at his trike-a-thon for preschool- he was on a mission!

A Sunday afternoon at the park! We love fall!

An attempt at feeding the ducks. It was too cold though.
Layne was sleeping most of the time, so here's just a random pic- I love those two lil teeth though!
Making some Halloween cutout brownies!

Monday, October 5, 2009